6 things you must know before you flip a property in Miami

6 Things to know before you start flipping properties

If you want to maximize your profits with an investment property, then one of the fastest ways to do it is by flipping houses. Flipping properties is the term most commonly used in real estate  (more…)

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Why Miami is so Attractive for Global investors

Why Miami is so Attractive for Global and Domestic Investors?

Miami is experiencing a major infrastructure expansion both in the commercial and residential sector and Investors from all over the world are coming to get a piece of the action. Currently 85% of the residential new construction is being purchased by buyers from out of town, from places such as New York, Canada, China, Russia and South America. (more…)

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9 things you must know before you buy a franchise

9 Things You Must Know Before You Buy Into a Franchise

Franchises exist on every industry imaginable. They often sell us the credibility, cleanliness and consistency of a product or service that the brand name represents. For many people, owning a franchise is a sure way to buy into a proven business model that provides the recognition and the know-how needed to succeed. (more…)

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apartments for rent in Brickell

Rental Prices on Apartments for Rent in Brickell

Apartaments for rent in Brickell

If you’re looking for Apartments for Rent in Brickell you’ve come to right place! Right now the Brickell area is one of the hottest areas to live, work and play in Miami. With over 50 buildings to choose, we’re sure you can find something that meets your budget and needs. 

Because of the large amount of options of Brickell Condos for rent, finding the right place can be an overwhelming task, that’s why you need a professional that knows the area inside out.

This list compiles the price ranges in 50 building in Brickell from lowest to highest as of May 8th 2015 (more…)

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In 2014 Miami broke record in median and single family home sales prices

From the latest sales report of the local MLS and Miami Association of Realtors, the year-end results of 2014 broke record in median and single family home sales prices, both in median sales and single-family home sales prices. Hence, if it is said that national market was very hot in year 2014, then Miami can be said was on fire. (more…)

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